Jemison woman finds shadow box belonging to Korean War Veteran

It's something a Jemison woman never expected to find.

A piece of history, preserved in a trunk, showing a Korean War Veteran's accomplishments. It's been 60 years since the end of the Korean War.

It's an antique trunk with a story, one Kerri Blow doesn't fully know. "It had a false bottom in it and it had two finger holes and when I pulled it up, I noticed there was a little more space under there."

Underneath a piece of plywood was an upside down shadow box. "I pulled it up and there it was, laying there. I was shocked."

Inside, the name R.E. Thomason with the 117th Air National Guard.. surrounded by medals, a dog tag, even a picture."I couldn't imagine anyone letting that go and I knew there has to be a reason behind it because that is such precious property."

Kerri's father-in-law, Charles Blow, says, "Losing something like that would probably be devastating."

Blow bought the trunk at an auction and went back for answers.. but had no clues, except for a few numbers.

Blow says, "She tried so hard, I have tried to help her to start with."

Kerri says, "Even though I didn't know him, I still felt it was my duty to find the family."

The search went on more than two years until recently.. when Blow connected with the 117th Air Refueling Wing in Birmingham, who found Richard Thomason's family. "He passed away in 1999. He has grandchildren that still live here. His wife lives with his daughter in Jacksonville, Florida."

Blow still has many questions and has yet to talk with the airman's wife.. but she learned the shadow box was lost during a move. She's ready to return it to the family. "This man, he served his life defending ours. That's the ultimate sacrifice to leave your family, to leave your loved-ones behind and go fight for your country, that's the least I could do."

Blow says she will be meeting with Thomason's wife and family next month in Birmingham to return his belongings, something she's really looking forward to.

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