Jeremiah Castile Gives Back

      From a troubled child of alcoholic parents... to a national champion, Jeremiah Castile has had quite a walk of faith.

      He takes the inspiration he got in his life and is now pouring into the lives of young people.

      He says, "I come from a dysfunctional home... I tell every body every body's home

      is dysfunctional. "

      Former Alabama football star Jeremiah Castile... talks about how troubled he was growing up.

      He says, "I got suspended for fighting as a middle schooler fighting it wasn't the first

      time I was suspended. I could see there was a need the road I'm on isn't

      gonna lead to success if I'm always getting in a fight and trying to solve

      my problems with violence. But that's what I saw in my

      home.. between my mom and dad that's how they solved problems.

      My parents were alcoholics... and the domestic violence... statistics

      say... a lot of times.. when I. should have been an angry

      black man growing up but I came to know the Lord at an early age. he

      was the first person it was communicated to me that he cared about

      me...that was Jesus love.

      Jeremiah says he found God at 13... and that helped him through tough teen years... then he found Coach Bear Bryant... who encouraged him.

      Coach Bryant did 4 things, he invested in me. he impacted and

      inspired me. That's why I'm the person I am as the Lords

      called me to be involved in young peoples lives... those are the four things

      we look to do within our ministry.

      If we invest in young people then we can influence them. To me that's

      the most powerful thing God has given the ability to influence. To

      me Coach Bryant influenced a lot of people and that's what I look to do in our


      He cast a vision first hey we gonna be National Champions. I got to Alabama

      in 1979, I couldn't see that far... I just wanted to be on the team get a

      Jersey... so I could call home and tell mom hey I'm dressing out. He said

      were gonna be champions he cast a vision. the more I heard that during

      the season the more I bought in to it. The more I did the work in


      He did become a National Champion.

      Now he is continuing Bear Bryant's legacy... to pour into young people.

      We like to cast a vision for young people. Without a vision people perish.

      Once you get involved and you care about them the thing I realized

      quickly... what I realized about Coach Bryant is that he cared about me.

      Young people need to know somebody cares.young people ask me all the time how did I do it... I say make a decision.

      and the decision will make you. once I made a decision and the decision

      will make you... once I made the decision of what I wanted my life to be

      like... the power was in the decision.. They need to know that. They're

      not powerless. Every day they get up they make decisions... whether

      they're good decisions or bad ones.

      Within our ministry right now we have work on the University of Alabama I'm the

      Chaplain for the team. ... This is my 12 season working with young men.

      To help raise money for his ministry... there will be a golf tournament on October 18the at Eagle point golf 9 am shotgun start.

      Coach Bobby Bowden, Jerry Pate, Siran Stacey, Bobby Humphrey

      It's the Second Annual Security Technologies Golf Tournament.