Jim 'N Nicks helping Colorado shooting victims

A restaurant chain is reaching out to the victims of the Colorado movie theatre and their families. Before the shooting happened, Jim 'N Nick's decided to participate in a barbecue festival this weekend in Denver. So, they're now working on a special project and getting customers involved.

At Jim N' Nicks, employees are serving more than barbeque. Sam Burn, Jim 'N Nicks Commissioner of Culture says "We wanted to make a difference and have some influence in the lives of people in Colorado and Aurora." The food for thought not only involves collecting monetary donations. "When customers open a menu, they'll find more than food selections, they'll have a blank sheet of paper where people can write their prayers and a personal note to the victims and their families."

The idea: giving thoughts and prayers to the families in person. Burn says "It's been amazing how much our guests have embraced the people of Colorado, they've taken time to pick up a pen and write down their thoughts." From drawings to lengthy notes, there are thousands filled out at Jim 'N Nicks across the country. Customer Valerie Fesh says "I know it would touch me if the situation was reversed."

There's a Jim 'N Nicks in Aurora and this weekend, a big barbecue Competition is happening in Denver so the company wants to do even more to help those who have suffered so much. Burn says "We're asking the Mayor's office in Aurora if we can throw a special barbecue for the families and the victims."

More than four-thousand dollars has already been collected so far in buckets of love. Valerie Fesh says her family will also be adding another page to this stack of inserts. "For something like this, to be able to express you're thinking about them or how you're feeling and that you're relating to them. I think that goes a long way." Burn concludes, "We believe prayers matter."

Customers will have a few more days to make donations and fill out menu inserts before employees head out to Colorado for the barbeque festival this weekend.