Job fair held for Tuscaloosa Veterans

More than 20 potential employers participated in a job fair for veterans in Tuscaloosa.{}{} It was held in the atrium of the VA center.{} There was a steady stream of participants throughout the day.Some of the booths included Nucor Steel, Walter Energy, the University of Alabama, several security companies and range of others including the City of Tuscaloosa department of human resources.But, it wasn't just for veterans.{} Michael Culver with the VA says, "We realize that a lot of veterans are returning with disabilities and now other family members are having to step up and take the place of the income that the family is missing."Retired Army Soldier, Tawanna Jones agreed.{} She says sometimes its difficult for veterans to find{}employment in cities like Tuscaloosa.{}"In a city that we feel is not a military town. But, being here in Tuscaloosa. I've only been here for three years. And now I can say Tuscaloosa is a military town because they do look out for the veterans here. They do kind of put us veterans first," Jones explained.

The job fair was held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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