Judge dismisses charge against Ravens linebacker McClain

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Rolando McClain.

Former Alabama star and current Baltimore Ravens linebacker Rolando McClain is a step closer to clearing up his current legal trouble.

A city judge in Decatur, Ala. dismissed a charge that McClain lied to police about his identity during a traffic stop last month.

McClain was stopped for a window-tint violation on April 21. Instead of signing the citation, he wrote profanity on the ticket. Circuit Clerk Jessica Hayes said the prosecution requested that the identity charge be dropped.

McClain pleaded guilty to the window-tint violation and paid a $182 fine.

The Baltimore Ravens linebacker has two other cases that are scheduled for court in Decatur this summer. McClain is scheduled to be in Circuit Court next month on a charges of reckless driving, as well as no proof of insurance from May 2011.

He'll be in municipal court in July to face charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.