Updated: Judge backs state control of Birmingham City Schools

Dr. Craig Witherspoon

Update - statement from Dr. Bice

"We are pleased that the Court has affirmed the role, authority, and responsibility of the State Board of Education through the State Superintendent over the public schools in the State of Alabama.{}{} As we move forward and prepare for the start of the school year, our objectives remain unchanged -- to complete a review of the governance structure of the local board, including the implications related to accreditation, and to restore the system to a sound financial status.{} Overarching these considerations is the importance of student learning and success, as stated in Birmingham's strategic plan."{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} {}State Superintendent Dr. Thomas Bice


Jefferson County Judge Houston Brown has ruled that the state takeover will continue and Dr. Craig Witherspoon will remain as superintendent during the takeover.

There will be no more interference from the City Board of Education.

In his order, Brown gave validity to the state takeover of June 26th. He also determined that Dr. Witherspoon can not be removed during the state takeover.

The state appointed Chief Financial Officer Dr. Ed Richardson says that this is good news and that "now we can do what we have to do".