July 4th Holiday Safety

Whether at home or traveling, don't spoil your holiday with a side trip to your local emergency room from something that is preventable.

ER physicians say they see an increase in patients in the summer from several common conditions when more people are outside.

by planning ahead, you can stay healthy.

First,{} drink plenty of water. Alcohol and caffeine both dehydrate you.

Doctors also suggest sipping sports drinks, which contain electrolytes.

If you're drinking beer, also drink water.

Food bourne iIlness is another culprit- wash your hands often when preparing your meal. afterwards, put leftovers away.

Refrigerating food retards the growth of bacteria and keep the food safe

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says food should be refrigerated within two hours, or one hour if it's above ninety degrees out.

And overheating from too much sun is a real threat.

Make sure you have light, loose-fitting clothing, and wide-rim hats that protect the head and shade the face and head where a lot of your blood is.

And make sure you use sun block and sunscreen to protect your skin.