Juveniles caught at Arringon Middle School

At around 12:00 a.m., Thursday, Birmingham Officers responded to a burglary in progress at Arrington Middle School. Officers conducted a search of the building and located three juvenile suspects. The two males and a female, all 15 years of age, were former students of the school. The juveniles told officers they broke into the school in search of the game room that the school had when they were students there. Unfortunately, the juveniles learned that the game room was no longer there, and they would be charged with a crime.

Birmingham Police Information Officer Sean Edwards says, "Juveniles who decide to participate in these types of crimes will be held accountable for their actions. Juvenile crime will not be tolerated in our city. It is imperative that the BPD sends a message to all juveniles that are thinking about breaking the law. They will be disciplined by the justice system. If the juveniles do not get the message concerning juvenile crime in this city and continues their behavior which normally leads to adult criminal activity and that is what we do not want. Well, prison will eventually be their new residence."