K-9 Academy to give up animals after drug raid

{}{}{} The owner of the Tuscaloosa K-9 Academy who was arrested after a drug raid last month was in court Tuesday.

{}{}{} Heather Litz{}was trying to keep some of the animals that remain in the facility in Berry of Fayette County from being put down.{}{} She agreed with prosecutors to find homes for about a hundred dogs.

{}{} "She will solicit other placements for the dogs.{} The Humane Society will approve those placements," said her attorney Jim Standrige.

{}{} District Attorney, Chris McCool said the animal hopefully be placed soon under the agreement.

{}{} In October, undercover drug agents said they bought marijuana and crystal meth from the business.{} It also lead to 20 counts of animal cruelty charges against Litz and three others.{} Police showed ABC 33-40 animals crowded{}inside the facility which is a double wide mobile she and the other suspects were also living in.{} Litz's attorney says, "She got overwhelmed.{} She also got over burdened by the number of shelter dogs people were bringing and dropping off."

{}{} Standridge blames the conditions of the facility where animals were kept on a tornado that tore up the place several years ago.{} "The only dogs that were in bad condition were dogs that were brought there."

{}{} But, authorities believe the dog training camp was a cover up for the alleged drug activity.

{}{} D.A. McCool says,"We're going to proceed with the criminal cases based on the evidence and of course will try that case in court and not in the media."

{}{}{}Litz attorney says she ran a legitimate business.{} When asked when was the last time actual dog training to place at the facility he said "right up until the day they were arrested."

{}{} Standrige says after Litz has relinquished all of the current dogs she plans to start all over.{} However prosecutors tell ABC 33/40 they plan to fight against it "Our purpose is that she not accept any more dogs and that she not run that business," added D.A. McCool.

{}{} Litz and the other three suspects will appear in court on the drug and animal cruelty charges December 4th.