Keep your skin glowing

Women's Health Magazine has published an article detailing 6 beauty mistakes you might not think of:1) You are using too many products.{}{}{}{} Doctors recommend you use three to four products a day on your face. Any more could irritate your skin.2) You are not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep.{}{}{}{} There actually is such a thing as beauty rest.3) You are picking products that do too much.{}{}{}{} Forget the all in one! Stick to products that work on specific issues. Products that promise to work on multiple areas can have too many ingredients and be harsh on your skin.4) You are putting on products a little haphazardly.{}{}{}{} Layer your products in the correct order. First, put on your treatment, then apply a moisturizer. 5) You are not removing makeup before hitting the gym.{}{}{}{} Your pores are more likely to clog, causing a break out, when you work out, so take off that makeup! A little bit of tinted moisturizer is okay, but make sure it's oil free.6) You are forgetting to put on sunscreen daily.{}{}{}{} At least use an SPF-15 but if you plan on being in the sun for a while, use an SPF-30 or higher.For more on these tips, go to