Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Ninety percent of the people that will start hitting the gym next month are looking for weight loss.The problem is they are making unrealistic goals."If you set that realistic number and you make those small habits or change those small habits now you can succeed long term," says Nick David, Sky Fitness Director.The small changes that Nick is talking about are.. if you drink 3 pops a day take it down to one. If you eat fast food 5 times a week start with just eating it two times a week and get moving...start with just walking the dog or playing with kids. But nutrition is the key to success."I will say it time and time again, nutrition start making those changes in those habits now as to later. You can work out all day long but if you don't change that then that's anywhere from 70 to 85 percent of your total success," says David.But we all know what January and February bring to the gym. Hundreds of people making new years resolutions."I expect the first month or two to be very crowded and you know I will be joining them with another new years resolution too," says Joe Cappa, 2 year member of Sky Fitness.Members say they think that the gym will be busier but they are excited people will be making a change in their lives."I think its great. I think it's good there are so many shows on television right now that show how over weight Americans are and I think its good for people to step up and make a move to have a healthier lifestyle," says Robin Hunsucker, 6 year member.After making goals that can be reached. Trainers say you need to find a location that you feel comfortable in."Everywhere has treadmills. Everywhere has machines. Other places go above and beyond but you are looking for what best fits you don't be concerned if one place is a mile further than the other that mile will make up for itself ten times over if you enjoy going verse somewhere you are not real sure," says Travis Wood, Vice President of Operations at Sky Fitness.The average person goes to the gym about 101 times a year that equals two times a week and trainers says that's an obtainable goal.