Little De'Anthony comes home: Kidnapped 10-month-old boy reunited with his family in Birmingham

LaTonya Kelly (left) holds her son, 10-month-old De'Anthony Kelly, outside her home Friday afternoon. (

The 10-month-old boy who was kidnapped Monday by his teen babysitter and taken to Texas has been reunited with his family in Birmingham.

De'Anthony Kelly was returned to his mother, LaTonya Kelly, who was overjoyed and thrilled to have her son back in her arms again after the two were separated for several days.

"I couldn't do nothing but say thank you Jesus because that's a feeling you can't describe." Kelly told ABC 33/40 outside her residence Friday afternoon. "You're thinking that anything possibly could be wrong with your child, and then you see your child living and breathing and smiling all over again. That's a wonderful feeling."

Kelly and several family members held a 'Welcome Home' party for little De'Anthony, and the boy was seen being passed around from one loving relative to the next. The grandmother, Bernadine Kelly, shared the sentiments of her daughter when asked to describe what it felt like to have her grandson home.

"Our family is so ecstatic today. We have our baby back." the elder Kelly said.

The suspect in the abduction, 14-year-old Dor'Sayde Gathright, remains in a Dallas-area juvenile detention center, where she is awaiting extradition back to Alabama to be arraigned on a juvenile kidnapping charge.