Kimberly Fire Department awarded federal fire grant

Help from other fire departments has kept the Kimberly Fire Department running.

The April tornado leveled the station, and plans are in the works for a new one.

But a federal grant for more than $50,000 will soon allow firefighters to suit up in new turnout gear.Tom Sandlin worked Saturday fixing up a family owned building. "The tornado hit, destroyed the building except one wall. Since then, I've been trying to re-build."Police Chief Bill Isbell says, "My office is still tore up. You can see new wood around the outside. They put the roof on."Storm damage still evident in Kimberly. Isbell says, "Some of the residents could still use some stuff." But, there's also progress. "We've come a long way."It could be a while before firefighters get a new building, but Fire Chief Brian Gober says that's okay because city leaders want to plan a good project."Instead of throwing up a building, they're trying to take their time to make sure they get what we need now and 5 to 10 years from now."

The department is using a donated engine and one on loan while two trucks are getting repaired. Firefighters will be getting something "new" that they didn't have before the storm. Turnout gear.. thanks to a federal grant.

Chief Gober says, "We went through the process of trying to apply for it before the tornado struck. It worked out well for us that it came through after this because what we were trying to replace we lost."

He says firefighters have been using donated gear. He says the previous gear needed updating."This grant will allow us to bring everything up to date with new codes and get them in gear we'll be confident they're safe in."While continuing to serve the community still moving forward "At least our guys who are volunteering will have what they need to do any structural fire fighting."The Fire Department also received another grant from Firehouse Subs to get a utility type vehicle which the chief says they needed after the storm.