Kiser returns to Alabama, faces 17 counts of forgery

61-year-old Wanda Kiser was back in Alabama, Wednesday.

"This has been a highly unusual case," Walker County District Attorney, Bill Adair, Jr., said. "She's been booked into the Walker County Jail on 17 counts of forgery."

According to the indictment, Kiser, from 2001 to 2004, forged the names of 105-year-old Mary Cobb and 85-year-old Wynona Delvecchio to continue collecting their railroad retirement benefits.

Adair says forgery might not be all Kiser is facing.

"I think there will probably be some new things coming up," he said.

New things stemming from Cobb and Delvecchio. The women had been missing from Walker County since 2002.

Last July, under Delvecchio's house in Jasper, a skull was found.

"I think I can confirm the skull found underneath a home here in Jasper is going to be one of our victims," he said.

Adair would not say whether that victim was Cobb or Delvecchio.

Then, this past August, West Virginia State Police found the remains of two bodies in a storage unit that Adair says has ties to Kiser. Those bodies are believed to be Cobb and Delvecchio.

The big question now is "Were the two women murdered?"

"We're working real hard and I think there will be answers in the immediate future," Adair said.