Kristen Saban being sued, attorney files for dismissal

An attorney for Kristen Saban, the daughter of University of Alabama football coach, Nick Saban, has filed a motion to dismiss an assault and battery lawsuit against her.

Sarah Grimes, a sorority pledge sister of Saban's, claims the two got into a fight over a Facebook post.

The suit indicates that after a night out with friends, Grimes confronted Saban after seeing a post on Facebook that read "No one likes Sarah! Yayyyyy!."{} Grimes told Saban to remove the post. {}After the exchange of words is when it turned violent and the two got into a fight.{} It took two other girls to break it up.

Grimes was taken to DCH for examination of her injuries.

Saban claims that Grimes was the first aggressor and that she acted in self-defense.