Labor Day now a school day

      {}{}{}{} Students in Tuscaloosa County School system will spend their first Labor Day in a long time in class this year.

      {}{}{}{}{}The board of education approved the holiday as and instructional day to make up for seven days of lost instructional days.{} Students will have two attend school for the normal two-day fall break in October as well as President's Day.

      {}{}{}{}{} The changes come after state extended{} Summer break to benefit tourism.

      {}{}{}{}{}{}Tuscaloosa City Schools of Board of Education still must re-draft its 2012-2013 calendar.

      {}{}{}{}{}{}A plan approved last week was squashed.{} It had students attending classes 177 days, while the remaining 3 were broken down by extending class 8 minutes a day for the entire school year.

      {}{}{}{}{} However, it was later advised that plan could not work for teachers who have contracts requiring them to work actual days -- and not hours.

      {}{}{}{}{} The Tuscaloosa City School Board will vote on different calendar May 29th.