Labor market experts say machines to take the place of humans

Governor Robert Bentley said on Friday that a strong emphasis on technical skills is needed in schools. (

This is a high-tech world, and getting more so everyday. While many of us warm up to technology, the latest software and apps are freezing millions of Americans out of jobs. Software that runs machines has become more sophisticated.

Those machines are taking the place of humans. It's middle class jobs that are being hit hardest. A new study shows it is indeed those jobs paying middle class wages that are most at risk.

Governor Robert Bentley believes in order to preserve the job market, workers must be trained to adapt to this new norm.

Since 2009, the United States has gained back just half of the jobs lost. But less than 30 percent of those jobs are in middle class pay ranges. And experts who study the labor market say millions of jobs will never return because of technology.

So if technology is becoming a problem for our middle class job market, what's the solution. Governor Bentley says it starts in school. Adaptation, says Bentley is key. A strong emphasis on technical skills could be the only way to counter the loss of jobs.