Ladarious Phillips funeral at Handley High School

Just over 22,00 people call Randolph County home.{}{}"We're all family here," said Roanoke Mayor Mike Fisher.{}So imagine watching one of your own,{}Ladarious Phillips, grow up before{}your eyes. Watching him{}grow from a small child, to a father, to college student-- only to watch a gunman take{}his life taken away.{}"It brings total shock to your community," said Fisher, who coached Phillips for Pee Wee football " He had his whole life in front of him just taken out with a gun."{}In Roanoke, Phillips' hometown, everybody called the{}big young man with{}the big smile " Day-Day "{}"Everybody loved Day-Day. He's come back from auburn go to the schools and work with those students. They looked up to him," said Handley High School principal{}Gregory Foster. Foster had known Phillips since he was 5th grader.{}"Always a nice, hard working guy," said Foster{}"You just saw that smile and you knew a kid like that was going to do good throughout his life," said Fisher{}During his young life, family and friends says Day-Day was more than a star multi-sport athlete, but a solid student, too.{} We're told he was an even better person. A young man who died trying to break up a fight between his alleged killer and another man.{}Just Day-Day being Day-Day.{}" People say ' you're in the wrong place at the wrong time' , but personally, I think the guy who did the shooting{} was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Day-Day was where he wanted to be," said Foster.{}{}Phillips' will be laid to rest Friday afternoon. His funeral held{}at 1 PM {}in the gymnasium of his alma mater, Handley High School. Visitation will be from 11-1.{}"{}I just think it's fitting . He loved Handley high.and Handley high loved Day-Day," said Foster