Lakeview rejects settlement that requires no money from town

{}{}{} Everyone involved in a lawsuit over sewer service for Lakeview Elementary school are baffled why the town is not taking a settlement that requires no money from its own coffers.

{}{}{} The matter has lasted six years, since the new Lakeview Elementary school opened.{} At the time, county school leaders blamed the town of Lakeview in part for blocking sewer connection to the school property.{} For several months, sewage had to be pumped and transported daily at a rate of $400 dollars a day.{} School leaders have{}sought to recoup some of those funds through a lawsuit against Lakeview.

{}{} Recently, the school board agreed to a $300,000 settlement, down from $1.2 million dollars.{} In an effort to end a{}financial bloodshed on the town, the county commission has agreed to pay the school board on Lakeview's behalf since the town is cash strapped.{} It only has $40,000 in its reserve coffers.

{}{} However, three members of the{}Lakeview Town council voted to reject the offer.{}{}Councilwoman Shannon Phillips voted to accept the offer.{} She says others "want the agreement to exempt the town of Lakeview from any future lawsuits, even on unrelated matters".

{}{}County Schools Superintendent Elizabeth Swinford says the settlement is in Lakeview's{}best interest.{} She hopes the town will reconsider before the offer is off the table.