Last day for parking under I-20-59 bridges downtown

Starting Tuesday, drivers won't be able to park underneath the I-20/59 bridges in downtown Birmingham.Around 400 spaces will be eliminated. It's due to safety concerns stemming from the aging overpass that will undergo repairs.Some call these parking spaces convenient, well shaded, valuable and without them.Robert Langston says, "It's kind of concerning because you need all the parking around here."Charlie Gamble says, "I think it's a mistake, especially when they have a big event." "We picnic under there." "It's pretty devastating." Sheraton employee Kristina Bren says not being able to park underneath the I-20/59 bridges will create some challenges. It could take longer to find a place.Bren says, "With us being a complex property, we have 3 complexes with two parking spots. For all our employees to park in plus our guests, it's going to be interesting."Especially when there's an event at the BJCC and the area is saturated with people.Bren says, "I may just have to throw an extra 10 minutes in there to come 30 minutes early especially on busy days."Robert Langston says, "We have lots of family members that work around this area too and have to park a long ways a way."The decision to eliminate the parking spots was made due to safety concerns about the interstate. But, the interstate overpass is set for a major overhaul.Bren says, "I completely understand they're trying to look out for our safety. It is unsafe to park under the overpass, so I guess we'll just have to see if there's a difference lot everyone can park in or get more public parking."BJCC representatives say there are already more than 76-hundred spots in the area and there will be changes to help people.Once closed, the parking will not be available until the interstate repair work is complete in 2018.