Last-minute gift ideas

It's down to the wire, you have to get that holiday gift. But you don't have hours to spend roaming the malls, and quite frankly, there isn't much time left.No worries, though, consider this a gift of tips,{} courtesy of The perfect present could be a click and print away, like E-gift certificates or daily deals. More than one hundred retailers are offering certificates that can be bought online then e-mailed to the recipient. And websites like Groupon and lLiving Social hosts deals everyday. Then there are gift clubs, like You can buy gifts that will show up every month at the recipient's home.

So, what if you use these tips but doubt your gift will make to that special someone by Christmas Day? Just buy it, print it, and gift it. It's like giving the gift as a picture. All you have to do is buy an item online, print a picture of it, e-mail or send a card telling the recipient the gift is on its way that way they won't feel forgotten.

But if you still plan to hit those store aisles, you're still in luck. Many stores will be open on Christmas Eve and some have extended hours throughout the week, giving last-minute shoppers extra time and{} no excuse.