Last minute push for candidates

With the election just days away, members of both parties are spending the weekend rallying support for their candidates.There's no time to spare. Colleen Johnson says "The democrats, we're in full force. We're trying to encourage everyone to get out and vote" With the election just three days away, Political parties are pounding the pavement. Republican party volunteer Anita Tucker says "We have 25 phones we're going to be manning through election day." Around 30 republican volunteers opened the phone bank and made thousands of calls from the party's Lorna Road location. Tucker says "We might target a county that is particularly undecided or one that maybe a more Democratic county."Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead says "It's extremely important we change the direction of the country. Barak Obama is taking it one direction, Mitt Romney wants to take it another. We want to create jobs. Mitt Romney is a business man and he wants to create jobs. Once he's elected I think we'll see the economy pick up right away.""Along with support for Romney, volunteers also backed all Republican candidates, like Judge Brian Huff, who did some campaigning door to door.Democrats are also going full steam ahead, knocking on doors and making calls too. Colleen Johnson says "Everybody is trying to make that hurdle to the finish line and everybody is trying to stay focused and of course get out the vote." She's also making sure voters have transportation to the polls on election day.

Richard Mauk, Chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic party thinks Jefferson County voters will go for the president as they did in 2008. "If you're a working class person and you care about country and economic issues, you want to vote main street over Wallstreet and the president has done a great job emphasizing that."Both parties will continue last minute campaign efforts until election day and stress the importance of researching where candidates stand on issues before heading to the polls.