Last minute shoppers stock up on Thanksgiving food

Last minute shoppers were getting those last minute Thanksgiving items, Wednesday.

"It's been crazy," ALDI Store Manager, Chris Russell, said.

Russell is with the ALDI store in Hoover. He says the past few days have been non-stop. But, he says, it's to be expected with the Holiday season.

"It's always busy," he said. "And Christmas is going to be extremely busy as well."

But for Diane Jackson, she views shopping for food and cooking kind of like a strategic chess game.

"About a week, two weeks before [Thanksgiving], I let all of my inventory dwindle down and then a couple days before is when I'm going to get everything that I need," Jackson said. "So that way, it's not being stored."

And people say they don't mind the last minute rush or the long check-out lines. For them, it's about getting to that special day and giving thanks.

"My family and the smells of the cooking," Annette Ayres said.

"Everybody getting together," Jackson said. "We have the kids write on little cards what they're thankful for and they read it. It's pretty cool."

"The camaraderie of being with the family and the thought of how good God has been to me," Caesar Moss said.