Last night for Lovoy's in Homewood

A fixture in the Birmingham area for 58 years is closing its doors. Three generations have run Lovoy's over the years, but the owner says it's time to make a change.It's where memories are made. Bette Kersting Bell says "I get the baked ziti and he gets the veal parmesan." The Bells shared their first date at Lovoy's 15 years ago and every wedding anniversary since. "I don't know what we're gonna do now."Owner, Zac Lovoy, wondering the same. He's been working the family business since he was ten. "I just want a break. I needed to look inward and say, is this what I want to do for the next 30 years?His grandfather started the Italian restaurant in 1954 in downtown Birmingham, which later moved to Greensprings, before opening here in Homewood. "My father passed away 18 years ago. The night before, we spoke, he said you do what you want with this place and don't be afraid. I wasn't afraid to move, I'm not afraid to go"Customers are sad to see this place go. Dining here has been a tradition for many families. Lovoy says "I had one guy say I'm 54 years old and I've had 54 birthdays right here, what do I do next year?"{} And faithful regulars, poured out their appreciation without minding the long wait. David Fraley says "Sad, it's our favorite place actually."Even Lovoy is now seeing what his family recipes have helped create -- a consistency of customers who will greatly miss sharing their family moments over dinner here. "I didn't realize how much people love this restaurant. The memories it built and the families built here."The restaurant might be closed, but Lovoy says he's going to do catering for those who request it.