Law enforcement on high alert during Memorial Day weekend

Hundreds of law enforcement officers are on the road this Memorial Day weekend. They are looking for seat belt violations and other offenses. The 'Click it or Ticket' campaign lasts through June{}1st. Seat belt safety is certainly top of mind during the campaign. But in deputies here are on high alert for a variety of offenses during this memorial day weekend.{}ABC 33/40 crew{}rode along with a Shelby County deputy who proved, whether it's a seat belt violation or another offense, there's not much you're going to get away this under their watchful eyes. Deputy Jeff Bamberg says the problem with people who don't wear seat belts is they don't think of the end result."I've seen too many wrecks where people don't have their seat belt on. And more times than not they didn't survive," he said.{}He's one of several deputies who will be out this weekend listening{}and watching for traffic offenses. He's participating in the Click it or Ticket campaign - a nation wide effort to get people to buckle up.{}Lt. Michael DeHart says Shelby County will see an increase in the number of drivers on their highways this weekend. That doesn't mean drivers will be able to pull a fast one though.{}{}"They may try to do a little quick slip and try to put it over the shoulder and fake it one way or another," said DeHart.{}And while seat belt violations are at the forefront of the campaign, Bamberg won't let the other violations slide.{}"People don't realize how many different ways i can get you speeding. I can get you coming toward me. I can get you if you're in front of me going away from me. I van get you if you're coming from behind me," he said. Ultimately, DeHart says the goal is not to take the fun out of memorial day weekend.{}Rather, to keep a preventable traffic violation from making him do this."That's one of the most difficult and heart wrenching assignments that we have is to deliver death notifications. Particularly when it could have been a prevented death."