Law enforcement warns about liking, sharing and commenting

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is warning about a troubling trouble online.{} Avoid and report it.{} The Sheriff's Office has received several reports about a pornographic video being circulated on social media sites.{} The video depicts an adult male engaging in a sexual act with a female child.{} Sheriff's officials say well-meaning people are forwarding or sharing this video and commenting on the disgusting nature.{} The unintended consequence is the risk of greater exposure.{} Social media companies are working with the FBI and The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to identify the source of the video and remove it from their service. {}The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office goes on record to say it will pursue criminal charges against anyone that posts, shares, likes or in any way disseminates any video or photograph that depicts this type of abuse in violation of the laws of the State of Alabama.{} They will also seek Federal prosecution of these individuals.Each time this video is shared, liked or posted the victim is further harmed or victimized again.{} If you should encounter this or any video like it, report it to the social media service. Do not forward, share or like it. You may also wish to make a note of the person who shared it and report them to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.