Lawmakers push flexible school calendar bills

© Paul DeMarco (R-Homewood) (

This school year, many districts have scrambled to adjust calendars that would fit a mandate passed by the Alabama Legislature last year. Two lawmakers are now pushing school flexibility bills aimed at giving schools a choice to opt out.

Representative Paul DeMarco (R-Homewood) is sponsoring the House bill.

As the law stands, schools can not start more than two weeks before Labor Day and end by the Friday before Memorial Day.

"Schools have had to rearrange their calendars and have had to change what they have done for a number of years when it comes to vacation weeks and professional days," DeMarco says.

Proponents for the law, as it stands, say a uniform, extended summer break could boost the tourism industry.

State senator Bill Holtzclaw (R-Madison) says his identical calendar bill could be reviewed by committee as early as next week. Both lawmakers expect push-back for both bills.