Lawmakers waiting for Supreme Court ruling in AEA suit

Alabama Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh. (

After a fast start, the legislative session has slowed dramatically. The passage of the Alabama Accountability Act are at the center of the slowdown. Democrats got a temporary restraining order to stop the accountability act from being signed by Governor Robert Bentley.

But now, it appears even some republicans aren't sure they want the bill signed the way it is.

Speaker of the House, Mike Hubbard says he would like to see some tweaks to the bill.

Representative Paul DeMarco wants some of the rules and regulations to be clarified and changed.

Quinton Ross and all other democrats want the bill thrown out entirely.

However, Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh, the architect of the bill, believes they got it right the first time. "It's way too early to start changing a great piece of legislation," says Marsh. "We're one step closer in getting this to the governor for his signature. I'm hoping it will happen this week." It is still a waiting game for the legislature.

As of Tuesday, there's been no word on whether the Alabama Supreme Court will even issue a ruling on the republicans appeal to lift a lower court's temporary restraining order.

That order remains in effect through Friday.