Lawnmower safety tips

Mowing the lawn can be time consuming, but we have to do it during the summer months. But doctors say getting in a rush often leads to a trip to the emergency room. Dr. David Shapiro treats hand injuries at Cleveland Clinic. He says he has treated people who got in such a rush, they put their hands in the lawn mower shoot to unclog grass while the lawn mower was still running. Shapiro says you should never stick your hand near the blades of a running lawnmower. If your lawnmower is clogging, turn it off, tip it, and clean the underside with a scraper or a hose. Dr. Shapiro says the second big group of injuries involves kids."They're running to keep daddy company while cutting the grass and get their toes run over. Kids who fall off of riding lawnmowers, that's a horribly frequent problem."Dr. Shapiro says a lawnmower blade is tough to see, so people will miscalculate it's location. Add-in the speed at which it's spinning and it's a recipe for disaster. Dr. Shapiro says the types of injuries he sees vary from people who get a little skin shaved to foot and hand amputations.Another problem to avoid is flying rocks and sticks. Be sure to wear protective eyewear while mowing your lawn. Also, avoid pouring gasoline into a hot engine.