Lawyers for Alabama Media Group, airport authority respond to ruling

J.T. Thompson, lawyer for Alabama Media Group. (

After weeks of litigation the ongoing tug-of-war between the Alabama Media Group and Birmingham Airport Authority is over...for now.

"Some of the items that we requested the authority has produced," AMG lawyer, J. T. Thompson said. "Some of them they have not."

Friday, Judge Joseph Boohaker agreed, saying certain items in the original temporary restraining order (TRO) against the BAA have been complied with.

However, Boohaker says if other information relating to the display unit that fell is out there,{}the BAA must turn it over.

"Information that has not been provided would be emails between some of the [subcontractors] and general contractors and also between the authority itself and the parties," Thompson said.

Thompson says AMG is specifically looking for information between the BAA and contractor Brasfield and Gorrie, as well as Monumental Contracting and Fish Construction about the display systems.

It's something he says does exist.

"We do know there are communications about the display systems between those parties," Thompson said. "We know they were discussing installation, design...of the signs, and specifically with respect to the sign that fell."

BAA lawyer, Jim Goyer on the phone, Friday, said the BAA does not mind complying with the request as long as AMG is "specific and understanding" with what they're looking for.

Thompson says AMG is working with the BAA trying to resolve this issue without another restraining order.

"We don't want to be harassing them or uncooperative," Thompson said. "But, there are documents that have not been provided."

Thompson says if those documents exist, the BAA has 20 days to comply with Judge Boohaker's ruling, or the issue could wind up back in court.