Layoffs for Hoover City Schools?

Hoover City Schools finds itself under the microscope. These days, anything, whether routine or out of the ordinary seems to be scrutinized. Part of that, of course, is because of the ongoing issue over school bus service. The system has decided that bus service will continue through the next school year at no cost to parents. But, superintendent Andy Craig has made it clear Hoover's bottom line is not as healthy as it once was. That's why any dismissal of personnel causes some alarm. Case in point -- one of our ABC 33/40 Facebook friends,{}PJ Godwin wrote that, "People in the Hoover school system have started losing their jobs due to the budget crisis. She says my mother was one of them after 26 years of service."{}We found out that her mother was a library assistant at one of the elementary schools within the system. A spokesperson with the Hoover City Schools says this is nothing out of the ordinary for the end of the school year. This is the time of year when personnel moves typically are made. Contrary to concerns expressed by Ms. Godwin, Hoover City Schools are not cutting jobs due to a budget crisis. The schools public relations coordinator, Jason Gaston says there have not been, nor are there any plans for mass layoffs.{} Gaston explained it this way. A school's principal can determine whether to let go an employee, regardless of how long that individual has worked at the school. Keep in mind this rule does not apply to tenured teachers. Gaston confirmed the school district is looking at all possible ways to save money and cut expenses. It's public knowledge the district already is having to tap into its reserves. Gaston also says that this is a "very routine week" for the system. This is the end of the school year, so they are working to get their affairs in order.