Leadership group promotes heroin addiction awareness

Last November, ABC 33/40 aired a special series on heroin titled "Dying in Vein"{} to alert parents and others in the community that this extremely addictive drug is quickly becoming the drug of choice for many young people in over the mountain communities.

The series had an impact on the members of 2013 Leadership Shelby County.

That's why they're partnering with local agencies to spread that message.

Leadership Shelby County has several projects, but this year's focuses on drug addiction and ways to solve a problem that impacts so many. Leadership Shelby County has partnered with chief assistant district attorney, Jill Lee and other drug prevention groups.

They're in the process of creating a brochure that will be placed in businesses, doctor's offices across the county.

The idea behind this project, is to continue educating parents, while improving quality of life in Shelby County.

"Taking something that matters to our county and working to make it better. If it's drug awareness, and there's certainly plenty of issues with drug awareness right now that we need to address and work on. We are definitely interested in helping stop that in our county,"says David Bobo of Leadership Shelby County.