Learn to brew beer at home

Hop City stopped by Talk of Alabama to teach the hosts how to brew beer at home, and you can learn, too. {}Home brewing is now legal in Alabama. {}Governor Robert Bentley signed the legislation in May. {}The new law allows home brewers to make 15-gallons of beer or wine every three months.Hop City educates home brewers on how to do it and also sells the items needed to brew at home. {}Here's some info taken from the web site:Here at Hop City, we have just about everything you could possibly need to homebrew! With over 33 different specialty grains, a full line of WYEAST yeasts, and an ever-expanding hop selection; we can customize your homebrew recipes to your needs. Our Head Honcho of Homebrew, Blake, has been brewing for years and can point you in the right direction whether you're brand new to the hobby or an experienced all-grain brewer. We can also help with kegging and kegerators!{}They also hold classes at the 2924 Third Ave South location in Birmingham. {}You can find more info on the web site.{}