Library in Leeds may relocate

For the past 15 years she and others have tried to get Leeds to move its library to a place with more capacity.

Doris Jarvis with the Public Library Authority says, "We're very small here, we need a larger library, we need room for more computers, we need a teenage area which is very small little corner in the library, just several issues with the leaks in the building."

Volunteers took their concerns to city hall last year. The previous city council members awarded the library 1.5 million dollars. But new council members have rescinded the money. Leaving people like Jarvis and Tommy Reeves distressed.

"The mayor and city council has asked for an audit," says Reeves. Reeves is also a member of the library authority, he says the mayor and city council say they're ready to go forward with the new library.

Reeves says, "There looking to see if they do have the money, to move forward with the library." But as time ticks away, the building gets older.

Meantime, Jarvis says she and others will continue to do all they can, so people in Leeds will have a better place to study.

"I'm hopeful in a way that, from what the council said last night that they really do want to build a library," says Jarvis.