Legally blind dispatcher retires after 28 years

For 28 years, Eric Martin has been saving lives as a dispatcher, legally blind. Martin says, "It has been a roller coaster, there's been some ups, there's been some downs." Martin was born with total blindness, but that didn't stop him from using his other senses to do the job. "I went to a vocational rehabilitation counselor and I said this is what I want to do. he said make it happen," says Martin.

Over two decades, martin has protected, "Over the years sent our police officers to help citizens who were really in a bad situation," says Martin. But he's also faced challenges. I had some difficulties along the way. Reading, small print, and that kind of thing," says Martin.

Martin's disability isn't the reason why he's leaving; he's retiring because of the cost of health insurance. If he retires before January, he will be able to keep his health insurance at the current rate.

Martin says, "I would stay if it wasn't for the insurance thing."

But for a man who could've easily let his disability keep him from working. He still plans to inspire many, even after he retires.

Martin officially retires December 1st, he tells me he plans to take a month off and get back to work doing something different.