Legislation against Affordable Health Care law to be introduced

Three state representatives will sponsor a package of legislation designed to combat some of the provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act. The republican sponsors of the legislation include Jim McClendon of Springville, Lynn Greer of Rogersville and Mike Ball of Madison. Greer will sponsor the Religious Liberty Act (HB 108), Ball will back the Medicaid Block Grant Compact (HB 109), and McClendon will shepherd the Medicaid Fraud Reduction Act (HB110).

Speaker of the House, Republican Mike Hubbard of Auburn, said, "These men were chosen as sponsors not only because of their skills as legislators, but also because of their commitment to preserving the conservative beliefs and freedoms that ObamCare attacks."

The Religious Liberty Act prohibits business owners from being forced to offer insurance that provides contraceptives or abortion-inducing drugs to employees if it violates the employer's spiritual beliefs.

The three bills comprise the "We Dare Defend Our Right to Oppose ObamaCare" section of the House Republican Caucus' 2013 "We Dare Defend our Rights" legislative agenda.

House bills included in the agenda will be among the first to be debated and voted upon during the regular legislative session scheduled to convene Tuesday, February 5.