Let's talk turkey: Who cooks the bird at your house

This Thanksgiving Day some wives will be thankful their husband is in charge of the bird. In more and more families, that massive fowl that has to be manhandled is indeed being handled by male hands.

A survey by Butterball concluded{}one in four Thanksgiving Day turkeys is cooked by a man. This year, for the first time, Butterball's Turkey Hotline actually{}put men on call. They are among the 50 staff members who spend{}weeks answering 100,000 calls about{}how to cook a turkey.{}

Now, men don't always take the traditional route of cooking the turkey in an oven. Some prefer to figure out a way to roast that bird outdoors.{}Women don't care! With every other dish for the Thanksgiving dinner on their plate, most are happy to turn over cooking the{}"star" of the feast to someone else.