Letters to Santa aren't just for toys

Children's letters sent to Santa Clause this year have been very thoughtful of others. (

Thousands of last minute letters to Santa are pouring in to the Post Office. Postal workers are trying to make sure he gets them on time. Santa is sorting through mountains of requests made by children, but not every wish is for a new toy, in fact {}Santa told us, some wishes even brought him to tears. Postal workers let us take a peek at some of Santa's letters - right before they're mailed to the North Pole."Dear Santa, Merry Christmas!" a child wrote to Santa. "How are you? Mrs. Claus, the elves, the reindeer? I hope you are all great this Christmas season. I know Christmas isn't all about gifts, but part of it is - and you are just the right guy to ask!"Some letters came with pictures, detailed descriptions of toys, one was written in Braille and some even attached their report cards to prove just how good they've been this year."Dear Santa, My Christmas list: a fast lane dump truck and garbage truck, cars cd vroombox," a letter read."Please, Santa, can you come to my birthday party on December 22?" Another letter read.We found ole Saint Nick himself taking in-person requests at the Summit. But Santa told us, while many requests are heartwarming, others are heartbreaking."'Santa, I'm not interested in getting any toys this year.'" Santa Claus said about a girl who sat on his lap. "And I said, 'don't you want something to play with?' and she said, 'really what I want is to see my Daddy.' And for a child, a long time could be a month. I said, 'how long has it been since you've seen your father?' She said, 'August.' And I said, 'that is a long time, young lady.' Then she said, 'If he does get to come see me I want him to go to church with me.'""'What would you like for Santa to bring you?'" Santa Claus said about a boy who sat on his lap. "And he says I don't really need any toys for Christmas, what I'd really like you to do is bring my father home from Kuwait.' At that point, the camera man, myself, the mom, everyone was just trying to hold it in. It was quite a moment - quite a moment for everyone standing around listening. A couple things like that really make the season for me - that kids really know what's important in life."The Post Office told us, Monday was its busiest day. {}It was the last day to mail packages that would arrive by Christmas. Thursday marked the biggest day to process all that mail.