LightRails installation to be unveiled at Railroad Park

Representatives from REV Birmingham and the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham were on Talk of Alabama today to discuss an artistic lighting installation coming to Railroad Park. {}Chris Hatcher is with REV. {}Kate Nielsen is with the Foundation.

The organization will unveil "LightRails: An Artistic Lighting Installation" June 27, 2013, at 8PM. {}It will be located at the 18th Street Railroad Viaduct. {}The big reveal follows Railroad Park's "Relax by the Tracks."According to an article about the installation found on the REV website by writer brynareid:"Funded by the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham's Community Catalyst Fund, the 18th Street installation will be a permanent public display and is intended to activate underused space and encourage pedestrian traffic in a vital connection between two growing areas of downtown Birmingham. LED technology will be used to ensure the display is energy-saving and cost-effective. Nationally renowned San Antonio artist and sculptor Bill Fitzgibbons has been named lead designer of the project..In addition to the first installation, the Community Foundation has funded the development of a City Center Lighting Plan, expanding on recommendations for increased connectivity in the new Birmingham Comprehensive Plan. The master lighting plan, being developed by a team of local artists, designers and lighting experts, aims to create a vision for liveliness, connectivity, community cohesiveness and a greater sense of security in Birmingham by illuminating key structures and pedestrian traffic points within the City Center and surrounding districts."