Lights are coming down at Brook Manor Drive Intersection on Highway 280

A busy intersection on Highway 280 is changing. Work started Tuesday night to take down traffic lights at Brook Manor Drive in Mountain Brook. There are restaurants and a hotel there and the move could impact business. It's part of a million dollar upgrade to improve traffic flow.Kim Lyman says, "I think anything that will make 280 traffic flow better is a good idea in my opinion."And that's why ALDOT says it's taking down the lights at the intersection of Brook Manor Drive... to prevent one less congested point on Highway 280.

But despite the idea to speed up traffic, Pat Martin says, "I think it's going to cause problems. I think it's a light you need to get in here."People like Michelle Gilbert, are worried. "We fought hard and our neighborhood lost as well as others impacted by this tragic decision to save a minimal amount of time."Michelle Gilbert believes no lights will lead to accidents. Some businesses are also worried customers will pass by.{} Denziel Washington works at Moe's "Now that they have to go all the way up and come all the way back down, that's more gas, more spending and that's what we don't need in this economy."Drivers won't be able to go across 280 at this intersection, there will be a concrete island. They also won't be able to make a left turn out of businesses on both sides. ALDOT says the number of cars that make those turns are far less than those who continue on 280."Our council went on record being opposed to removing the lights and held public hearings, wrote letter, went to see the governor, but those efforts fell on deaf ears."Mountain Brook City Manager, Sam Gaston, says Mountain Brook Police will be monitoring the area..{} and the city will re-evaluate the situation and consider doing its own traffic study should this change affect other areas in the city.Brian Davis with ALDOT says lights will also come down at Resource Center Drive and Grandview Parkway in late Summer.