Lindsay's case headed to grand jury

"I got a lot of hatred," Catherine Jackson said. "[It's] something that I'm really going to have to pray about because he has no remorse."

Jackson has hate in her heart and tears in her eyes all for Stephon Lindsay, who is charged with capital murder in the death of her niece 20-month-old Maliyah.

Thursday was the first time family members have seen Lindsay since his arrest.

"He acted like it was ok, like it was an everyday thing," Carla Thomas said. "Like you just ran over something, broke a bottle, you spill milk. You done took a child's life. Your child to be exact."

It's been 30 days since Maliyah's body was found in a wooded area just outside of Gadsden. Police say Lindsay led investigators there after the child had been missing for six days. Family members say Lindsay used a sword to kill Maliyah as some sort of religious sacrifice.

"If you wanted to go out and do something to somebody, why you didn't do it to an adult?," Thomas said. "If you say you had to sacrifice somebody, why you didn't sacrifice yourself? Come on, you done lived. That baby didn't have a chance to live. That's a 20-month-old baby."

The judge has ruled for a mental evaluation of Lindsay. Thomas and Jackson are upset, believing Lindsay will eventually plead insanity.

"He wasn't insane when he killed our niece," Jackson said.

"There's nothing wrong with him," Thomas said. "Now you want to play scared? Think about how terrified that baby was when she had to go through that, now that's who was scared. You a grown man."

The family now waits. Hoping. Praying for justice.

"If you ask me, I want y'all to let him go," Thomas said. "Put him on the street, drop him off in front of my house. That would be the best justice that I could see."

Lindsay waived his preliminary hearing. The case is now headed to the grand jury.


The murder{}charges against Etowah County's Stephon Lindsay is now headed to a grand jury.

Lindsay is accused of killing his daughter, 20-month-old Maliyah Lindsay, in March.

Lindsay's body was found in a wooded area in Gadsden. Family members say Stephon Lindsay had recently purchased a sword from the Internet and that he used it to kill Maliyah as some sort of religious sacrifice.

In court, Thursday, Lindsay appeared emotionless. Maliyah's family members, however, including her mother, Tasmine Thomas, were visibly shaken, often crying and, at some points, had to leave the court room.

"You done took a child's life," Maliyah's aunt, Carla Thomas, said. "Your child to be exact. It doesn't phase you. You didn't act like you done nothing."

The judge has ordered a mental evaluation to be done on Lindsay.

There is also a restraining order on this case that prevents law enforcement and lawyers from discussing this case.