Lipscomb City Council wants mayor's resignation

Lipscomb's City Council is calling on the mayor to resign. The move comes after the mayor's arrest on a domestic violence charge.

It's his second arrest in the last year.

The Lipscomb City Council meeting started off normal and then five minutes later, Mayor Lance McDade walked out with no explanation.

Moments later, Mayor Pro Tem Brenda Renz, read a statement asking for his resignation. She wasn't shocked that he walked out the door.

Renz says, "We felt like we needed to take some type of action with a no confidence vote."

Renz says she wants to see the city move forward.

McDade has been the center of controversy numerous times since taking office in 2012. Many Lipscomb residents want him to step down, though no one at the meeting would talk about it on camera.

In the last year, he's been arrested twice.{}Ten days ago on domestic violence charges and last year for interfering with crews at a house fire. He also shut down the city last April.

Renz says, "We need strong leadership, we don't need to be concerned with day to day operations or what's going to happen today, are our police officers going to be terminated."

But, the mayor does have some support.

Regina Moreland says, "I think he's doing a good job, he's doing what he can to support the city."

Renz says the council does not believe the mayor will resign. We asked McDade for an interview twice, but he declined.

Renz says a group of citizens have started an effort to remove McDade from office.