Lipscomb man needs community's help to find K9 dogs

"Please bring them back," Scott Garland said. "No questions asked."

A simple plea from Garland: Bring my dogs home.

Not just any dogs.

His two German Shepherds, Loki and Bear, were in training to be search and rescue K9s.

"Both of them are very obedient," he said. "You call them back, they come back, they sit, they stay, they lay down, they drop. When we tell them to find them, they go out and find them like they're supposed to."

They're trained to obey and find.

You've probably seen dogs like this on the news, searching for loved ones in the rubble after a storm, or in the woods looking for a lost toddler.

But as of Wednesday, Garland's dogs have been missing.

Garland got home on Avenue G in Lipscomb only to notice the gate to the back yard was cracked open.

"I went in to the fence and I looked around," he said. "They were nowhere to be found and I immediately started and went looking for them."

But no luck.

Garland believes his 13-month-old pups, who were just days away from being certified search and rescue K9s, were stolen.

"They were either stolen, or somebody opened up the gate for them," Garland said.

That's because he says the latch on the fence is almost impossible for the dogs to reach. Now his focus has turned to the community asking for help, asking for compassion and asking for his dogs.

If you think you have seen Loki or Bear, Garland asks you to please take the animals to a local veterinarian's office.

Garland says he is offering a $500 reward.