Lipscomb mayor and wife jailed

Pamela McDade

Update:Lipscomb, AL - Lipscomb Mayor,{} Lance McDade his wife Pamela are both in jail after an apparent domestic dispute.Both are charged with domestic violence third degree harassment."We need another mayor in there."Lipscomb Mayor, Lance McDade, arrested a second time in the past seven months.Deborah Miller says, "This is not a good example for the city of Lipscomb."Former Mayor Deborah Miller is concerned. "The citizens need to speak with their city council leaders, their district members and all that and they need to make a decision, they need to do something to as they say, nip it in the bud."Deputies arrested McDade and his wife Pamela around 11:30 Saturday morning{} following a 911 call about a domestic disturbance. Authorities tell us the couple was arguing about a pending divorce and property.. and it turned violent. Some of their neighbors were shocked over the arrest."I am very sad to hear that and I hope there's no truth in it because we do want him to continue to be the mayor." Barbara McGee says the McDade's are good neighbors, but Lance McDade has been the center of controversy.Last year,{} Brighton Police arrested him claiming he interfered with crews at a house fire. There was also concern a year ago after he shut down the police department, a decision reversed by the city council the following day.Lipscomb resident, Billy Stewart says,"He has done simply nothing for this city since he's been in."While some residents want him out of office, City Council member Brenda Renz says the council is checking into the allegations and trying to verify information.The McDades are both being held on a 1,000 dollar bond.