List of potential replacements for Maddox goes to board Friday

Edward Maddox (

In Birmingham, anyone who meets the qualifications and is interested in representing district four on the Birmingham Board of Education has one more day in which to submit a letter of interest.

The board must replace Edward Maddox who resigned after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges of using his office for personal gain.

The board's attorney, Africa Parchman, will accept the letters of interest until close of business Wednesday afternoon. A spokeswoman for the board of education says Parchman will deliver the list of names to board members Friday. We are told the list will not be made available to the public until Monday.

The board of education will have 30 days in which to make a unanimous selection from the list. If that fails to happen, Birmingham City Council will appoint a replacement to complete Maddox's term, which expires November, 2013.