Litigation continues between Birmingham Airport Authority and Alabama Media Group

Lawyers for both the Alabama Media Group and the Birmingham Airport Authority continue to battle over the release of terminal modernization project documents in court.

Judge Joseph Boohaker has ruled that one particular piece of documentation concerning the architectural design of the free-standing display system that fell last month is not confidential and must be released to the media.

The decision came after Judge Boohaker adjourned Wednesday's hearing. It will resume Wednesday, May 1 at 9:00 a.m.

Birmingham Airport Authority lawyer, Jim Goyer, says the architectural design will be released to the media as soon as Thursday.

Alabama Media Group lawyer, J. T. Thompson says he believes Judge Boohaker heard enough testimony, Wednesday, to order certain documents be released from KPS or Brasfield and Gorrie. The documentation can only be released if Judge Boohaker deems it non-confidential and does not contain S.S.I. (sensitive security information).


Litigation tie-ups continue in the case between Alabama Media Group, LLC (AMG) and the Birmingham Airport Authority (BAA).Wednesday, a Jefferson County Circuit Judge is hearing arguments on what documents AMG, owner of The Birmingham News and, still wants. AMG says its part of the Open Records Act, which calls for full disclosure.AMG is saying records pertaining to the flight information display system that fell on a family, killing a 10-year-old boy in March, should be considered "public" because the BAA, according to the contract, oversaw all construction, allowing them to review all documents concerning the construction.AMG is also requesting construction drawings, however, lawyers for the architects of the airport modernization project, KPS Group, are arguing those drawings are confidential and are considered sensitive security information or SSI.Lawyers for the BAA are saying AMG is creating a false sense of urgency regarding records and that it is only a plea to generate revenue for The Birmingham News, which "is on life support."BAA lawyers also insist that all documentation on its end, pertaining to the construction, has been released to the media. They say some records, however, are in possession of Brasfield and Gorrie or KPS and that those documents have been requested, but not released.The judge is trying to determine if those documents in question are considered public information.