Litter piling up on Brookside Road

Jefferson County's Mount Olive community has a messy situation. Garbage litters both sides of Brookside Road. The road is managed by the county. The problem again is a lack of workers needed to do the job at hand. The county recently hired six 'laborers' who normally would be assigned to garbage pickup. However, they've been working as flagmen and on other road projects.

Anthony Bahakel jogs along Brookside and downs road throughout the week. He says, "It's disappointing, I'm seeing people who think, it's fine, as long as it's not in my yard or something like that. It's literally in my backyard. People don't understand that it's not right, it's not fair. It only creates problems."

He's shocked at some of the rubbish he's found along his route.{} "I've seen syringes, I've seen beer bottles, beer cans, you see the food, trash."Along much of Brookside Road, garbage has become so piled up, it looks more like a dump than a county road.{} The road runs through Jefferson County commissioner Jimmie Stephens' district. Stephens wasn't available for an on camera interview, but his office did provide this information. Jefferson County storm water management is planning a clean up of several roads, including Brookside this fall.{}Most cleanups are done in the early spring or fall either before or after the growing season. The county is looking for volunteers to help.{} "They do what they can and the community tries to do the best they can. Because otherwise it would be piled up to the top of the tree." Bahakel says locals have come together to pick up the rubbish, but as soon as its picked up, more shows up. He makes this plea to litterbugs."Pretend as if it were your front yard or your backyard. Just put in your car, put it in your floorboards until you can get home and throw it in the trash can. Just take that little extra step."I'm told Jefferson County storm water management office is working with the commission for the fall litter cleanups.{} Looking for volunteers and residents who live in these areas. Anyone wanting to coordinate a pickup can call (205) 930-1999.