Little Lavender Consignment Boutique In Birmingham

With the seasons changing ... you might be on the hunt for some new children's clothing, or for yourself!

Little Lavender Consignment Boutique joined Talk of Alabama today with some great ideas.

Faith Gardner says the best thing about consignment shopping is that you can find 80 to 100 dollar outfits for 10 to 20 bucks.

They screen all of the clothing, so you are guaranteed to get quality items when you purchase at the store.

Keep in mind, they sell kids, women's, and means' clothing ... as well as accessories and even maternity clothes!

I pulled the following information for their home page:

We are accepting spring & summer clothing for children and women. Our customers live literally around the globe and love buying our consignor's beautiful things. We are picky like you and our customers come here to get the best for a fraction of retail. Email us for consignment details. If you are an out of town consignor, we pay the shipping if you have 15 or more items to consign.{} Email us for a shipping label, items and ship them to us. In town consignor's contact us to arrange a drop off. It's easy!

Little Lavender offers an alternative to purchasing classic children and women's clothing. We are an online consignment boutique for fine and designer clothing. We carry overstock{}items from{}boutiques and gently worn items in excellent condition. {} We feel as though our selections have been carefully chosen for current and timeless wardrobes. {}Our orders are shipped with scent of lavender for a refreshing twist on gently worn clothes. Please check out the blog post below for ongoing updates. There are no exchanges or returns on Remember Nguyen Samples. Please email us at with the code number of the item, if you have questions regarding measurements before placing your order.