Local author talks up "Big Daddy" on Talk of Alabama

Author Jo-Ann Costa stopped by Talk of Alabama today to promote her latest book, "The Bequest of Big Daddy." {}It's a fictional account of a family in the Historical South.

Costa is from Alabama, and her book is about the main character and a secret that is revealed at his funeral.Here's a synopsis from
"Ratio Janson is the crusty patriarch with an infamous background and a hair-trigger temper, reverently referred to as Big Daddy by his family clan. His feisty great-granddaughter, Jo-Dee, overhears shocking gossip at Big Daddy's funeral and is determined to plumb his murky past, spanning the Civil War, Reconstruction and into the twentieth century.
From a vast turpentine industry to the ruins of a decaying plantation with its feudal order a memory, Jo-Dee explores the complex nature of family and self, only to make a startling discovery. Will she betray her great-grandfather and disgrace the family name, or will she preserve his shameful secret? And on the ancient grounds of the family mansion destroyed in the Civil War, will Big Daddy's spirit claim her even from the grave? "
You can find the book on sites like Amazon and Goodreads.