Local company gives back to a disabled soldier

{}A man who spent his life serving our country, was left with a debilitating condition. A group in Alabama heard his story and tonight, they're giving back. Master Sgt. Dwight Pitts - from Birmingham - spent his life as a soldier traveling across the U.S. - Colorado, California, and Texas - and overseas to {}Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Germany. {}That's where he met his wife, Ingrid. {}"That was a totally different time, a totally different life," Ingrid Pitts, his wife said.The pair constantly moved around Army bases, but a stroke left him not being able to move at all. {}"It's a brain injury," Pitts said. "After his stroke, he suffered so many extra pain levels and things - it's like every day is different. He can talk a little like one word comes out but if the day is bad, he's totally confused."They moved home to Birmingham - where Ingrid takes care of him 24/7. But the money to pay for medical equipment isn't there and lifting someone twice her size is draining."It's hard seeing someone suffer like that on the outside," Pitts said."They served our country, they fought for our freedom, and anything we can do to help, we will," Heath Elrod, Elrod Mobility said.Heath and Jerry Elrod heard their story through the Wounded Warrior Project and decided to help. {}"A lift chair, if you're unable to stand up on your own, it will pick you up, put you in a standing position so you don't have to push up out of the chair and risk falling," Elrod said.{}The chair takes care of the heavy lifting for Ingrid. {}"I'm so glad my husband finally has a chair where I don't have to put him in and take him out and he can finally try to get out on his own," she said. "I couldn't believe it. After three years going through a lot, and then finally we get that chair that we waited seven months already for and it didn't go through, I was overwhelmed with happiness and couldn't believe that someone really still has a heart and ok we're going to help out."{}Here is a link to more information about the Wounded Warrior Project:{}